Monday, August 30, 2010

Rick defeats an Ankylosaurus.

Always the clever chap, Rick deceived a wandering Ankylosaurus by fueling his prized yard with extra strength Miracle Grow. The grass grew to be so powerful that it entrapped the Ankylosaur and strangled it immediately. To punish the beast further, Rick then beat it senseless using his Prince EXO Silver 118 Performance Tennis Racquet and his 7,300-page memoir. After the annihilation, a fellow fraternity brother cheered Rick's birth-given name, "Mad Dog", in celebration of conquering the dinosaur, while also greeting him with two glasses of Macallan 18-year. Photo by Wubbies.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Triceratops is No Match for Dan.

Dan was approached by a triceratops while enjoying a batch of his favorite German dark brew. Rather than spoiling his relaxing evening with a vicious battle, Dan simply hacked his way in to the brain of the triceratops in effect poisoning its mind with an endless loop of 1's and 0's. the triceratops was no match for Dan's computing power and collapsed instantaneously. Image provided by Nell.

Rick Harpoons a Plesiosaurus.

Rick sucessfully harpooned a large plesiosaurus from his sailboat using his favorite tennis racket while on his annual family plesiosaurus hunting trip off the coast of Maine. The seven glasses of scotch he had enjoyed had no effect on his perfect form. Kill shot - through the heart.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hughes vs. Stegosaurus

Here we see the mighty Hughes conquering an unsuspecting Stegosaurus. Armed with a singing "Mountain Banshee" (as seen in James Cameron's "Avatar"), his chorus of singing felines, and copious glasses of Pinot Grigio, the poor Dino's head literally burst forth from its neck and it was no match for the incessant drunken recitations of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

Donn For The Win.

Donn encountered a stegosaurus while on a leisurely Sunday drive in his yellow 1965 Shelby Cobra replica. He made the swift decision to run it over while playing Hendrix's "Cross Town Traffic" at top volume on his custom Fender Stratocaster, causing the beast to bleed profusely from its ears and mouth.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dr. Dave and The Brachiosaurus

Dr. Lewis is much like Knight Rider and/or Batman. He has many gadgets to get him around. One being the Dodge Viper GTS Coupe. Which spits fire. On to the giant Brachiosaurus. Dr. Dave also used his great ability in Inorganic Chemistry to sway the giant dinosaur to imbibe a toxic chemical which emitted a foul toxin only to drown and poison the creature to utter extinction. After the tragedy, dinosaurs could not come within 1700 yards of the toxin without falling to their death. He didn't even need to use the machine gun. Way to go, Dr. Dave.

Bye Bye, Barney.

It is said that Dr. Lewis traveled to the Netherrealm where he annihilated Barney the Friendly Dinosaur using his ninja skills. After sawing him in half with twin Samurai swords and then impeding his bright purple cheek with a throwing star, Dr. Lewis traveled to Tokyo to nosh on his favorite tuna sashimi. Photo by Dan Wehby Donoghue.

Doctor Dino Killer.

In this piece by Bradley Ballou, Dr. David Lewis has just slaughtered a young, plump Ornithmimosaurus. Dr. Lewis distracted the cub away from its mother by throwing a sedimentary rock (seen above) in its general direction, sprayed the beast in its eyes with spray paint (seen above), then thrust a trident (seen above) into its chest repeatedly until the Ornithomimosaur met the sweet embrace of death. To celebrate his kill Dr. Lewis then shotgunned six cans of Bud Heavy (seen above).

Death By a Rock, a Stick, and Airplane Glue.

It has long been rumored that Dr. Lewis once killed a dinosaur with only a rock, a stick, and some airplane glue. Dedy was successful in procuring this undated photo as infallible proof that this rumor is indeed true. It gives further evidence that the dinosaur in question was a T-Rex, and that Dr. Lewis did not even break a sweat.